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🎅 MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NY! 🎉 Warehouse returns: 08/01/24!
🎅 MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NY! 🎉 Warehouse returns: 08/01/24!

About Us

We saw a massive problem – Aussies were getting ripped off!

Like us, all of our mates who were passionate about MMA, Boxing, Martial Arts and Fitness were sick and tired of the big brands only being accessible to the gyms or those willing to risk purchasing from an overseas seller at an eyewatering price without the ability to return when (inevitably) something goes wrong.

We couldn’t go on like this and did what we had to do - we assembled a high-performance team of passionate fighters, gym junkies and customer service heroes to deliver the best brands at the best prices. We offer quality directly to the people because we haven’t lost touch trying to do everything. To this day we work with gyms, personal trainers, pro fighters, champions and enthusiasts alike to ensure we’re unmatched and always ready.

MMA Direct is a people-led project, we’re here for our people and guided by them and that loyalty is what we live for. There’s always one more rep and we’re always hungry because the fight never ends. You’re our people and we’re always in your corner.

Never give up, MMA Direct