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SMAI - Stall Mat - Gym Flooring

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SKU M007-Stall

EDUCED TO CLEAR: Once this item goes, we won't be getting it back.

The SMAI Stall Mat is a great substitute for the regular gym tile due to the density of the product. Originally used for equestrian stables, recently it has gained popularity within the CrossFit community. This is due to the fact the Stall Mat is made from 100% virgin rubber, making it suitable for impact absorption without affecting your lifting capabilities for power lifting. Being a non-porous material it is suitable for outdoor usage in the elements and will not degrade. With a raised checker plate finish on the surface it is suitable for high traffic areas and is easy to clean as it will not absorb chalk ensuring a hygienic lifting environment.

SMAI Stall mats have a protective finish on the outer surface of the mat from the factory to stop the surface from being marked or dry out in storage or in transit. This protective finish means less grip at first but will dissipate after a few weeks of usage in a commercial gym. For those that would like to remove this layer from the mats immediately upon installation, we recommend the use of Prepsol or a similar degreaser / de-waxer available from any leading hardware store or auto supplies retailer. Due to the material of the mats they do have a strong odour upon initial installation (similar to new car mats). This smell will dissipate over six months.

Durable – Constructed to last in the toughest of environments, these rubber gym tiles are made for the busiest gyms and workout areas to withstand the daily use you will throw at them. They can be installed in fitness facilities and gyms across the country.

Exact specifications – SMAI tiles are made to exact specifications meaning a perfect application in any space. Unlike other brands these tiles won’t give you gaps or spaces between the tiles which ensures safety and a professional finish.

Safe – With filtered recycled rubber, this flooring is non-toxic and non-carcenogenic for your safety.

Low maintenance – With a non-porous finish, this mat is super easy to clean. Simply clean mats with a vacuum cleaner and finish with warm water using a PH-neutral detergent solution.

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