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SMAI Muay Thai Pad - SHOCTEC (Single) Black

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An ideal set of Muay Thai Pads for those that are seeking to train hard but don't want to bruise their shins. Popular among beginners and children, our Muay Thai Pads are filled with PE sponge foam for a soft impact while the outer vinyl cover can be easily cleaned and maintained. Simple velcro closure for quick fitting and removal. This pad is the softest option SMAI carry. It is most suitable for applications in which the person wishes to train leg kicks without conditioning their shins.


  • Material: vinyl
  • Inner: EVA foam
  • Two velcro straps
  • One handle
  • Height: 41cm
  • Length: 22cm
  • Width: 12cm
  • Weight: 590g
  • Sold individually

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Amazing, gets the job done.

Love my step so many compliments and the risers I use for my 2 granddaughters to take anywhere for seats for them or they step alongside me. I bought 2 1 for a friend thinking of buying another for 1 of our master trainers here in Brizzy. What a fast turn around also delivered within 3days. Thanks so much


I have purchased many different home Equipment from Matt’s to gloves and gear carrying and storage bags . The one time I had an issue it was Resolved and I remain a loyal ongoing purchaser . Thanks MMA DIRECT :)
PS I didn’t get Wraps 😔

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An absolute amazing product from an awesome company!! Love the suit, never thought it would be as good as it is!! AAAAA+++++++

Great Gi

Super comfortable, quick drying. Sizing guide pretty good. If anything the A3 is slightly short in the leg for me (I'm 6'2" and feel like I need to wear them lower than I normally would) but the Gi is perfect. Very happy.