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🎅 MERRY XMAS & HAPPY NY! 🎉 Warehouse returns: 08/01/24!
How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves For YOU!

How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves For YOU!

Investing in some great quality gloves is the best way to stay as comfortable, effective and injury free as possible, in the following article we'll explain what you should look for as you progress through the different stages of development as a Boxer.


For all the beginners out there, it’s recommended you start with a standard bag mitt. This is ideal because its

  • Cost effective
  • Skill appropriate

When starting out, your hours will be spent belting away on a punching bag. A bag mitt differs from a general purpose or pro sparring mitt in that it provides extra protection when used on a punching bag. You still need to buy quality equipment, what you should be looking for is a full wrap wrist to protect you from injury extensive use while you develop technique. Its always best practice to use hand wraps or cotton inners to lengthen the life of your mitts by protecting them from excessive sweat

To begin sparring, you’ll need something a bit different.

General Purpose

General purpose gloves are the workhorses that most intermediate boxers wouldn’t go without. These are great for punching bags, pad work and sparing. A great quality training glove can pretty much do it all and really cuts down on the gear bag.

We’d always recommend buying quality equipment if you’re serious about any sport. That means quality materials like full cowhide leather and added protection features, usually concerning your thumb and wrist. Great examples our customers love are the Trophy Getters range.


When it comes to weights, the general consensus is 16oz for men and 12oz for women, naturally you’ll develop a personal preference and that’s why professional gloves like the Trophy Getters go from 8oz all the way to 18oz.

Power vs. Protection

The best gloves will always be balancing power projection and personal protection, but most will be leaning one way or another. 

Power focused gloves like the Punch Specials come in exclusive weights and have features optimised to deliver heavier hits and harder defences when that is the main focus. Naturally these won’t be ideal for punch bags and other training exercises

Protection or safety focused gloves are great for sparring too but optimise personal hand protection. The main features will be extra front padding and increased wrist support. These gloves are just as great for sparring and may even be better for beginners or more injury-conscious individuals who want to avoid painful wrist problems.


Competition gloves deliver more power, protection and are usually lighter weight than other gloves

Usually competition gloves are 8oz, 10oz and 12oz which you will notice are smaller gloves compared to sparring or training gloves.

The most popular colour for competition gloves are red. This is mostly for the striking visual appearance or the tradition and history, but you can use whatever colour that takes your fancy

Competition gloves are almost always lace up and are made of premium quality materials like full grain cowhide leather.

Bag Gloves

If you are interested in a bag specific glove, you’re in luck as the selection is much better than it used to be. The key differences between a general purpose glove or and bag mitt and a bag glove is a lighter weight that is less fatiguing, increased ventilation and more padding. Again, you’ll want to look for a full wrap wrist.

Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid gloves are unsurprisingly an interesting in between. These are geared for cardio workouts and can be great additions to any HIIT or group programs where you want to avoid the hassle of switching in and out of gloves and pads



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